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  • Real Taste of South Indian Coffee : Bru Instant is made with choicest coffee beans from South Indian plantations;Select Beans : Bru Instant is crafted with the right blend of Robusta & Arabica beans which are carefully handpicked from South Indian plantations.
  • Fine Blend : Bru Instant is made with a blend of 70% Coffee & 30% Chicory; Great Aroma of Freshly Roasted Coffee Beans : Our unique roasting technology captures coffee aroma & ensures you have an aromatic experience with every cup
  • Instantly Made : Add one teaspoon of Bru Instant in a cup along with hot milk and/or water, sugar to taste and your Bru is ready to drink!
  • Signature Bru Taste : Relax and enjoy the signature caramellic & chocolaty taste of Bru Instant.
  • Flavor Name: Original


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